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1200 SEK

The throat chakra’s symbol meaning is one of sound, wisdom, and consciousness. Associated with the element of ether (or Akasha), the throat chakra is governed by Brahma, the Hindu god of creation and wisdom. A beutifull aquamarine for your fifth chakra. Sits perfectly on your throat to help clear blockages. Size of the pedant is approx 10 mm. Note that the handcut stone is not exactly summetrical so even the pedant, as the pictures show.

Handmade and unique pieces of jewelry with a purpose. 

I believe that all objects that we consciously choose carry a deeper and symbolic meaning. When you choose to wear a piece of jewelry with a specific purpose it will have an impact on your life.  Even if you believe in magical symbols or not, the feeling that your object reflect will have an affect on you.

So... choose your daily objects carefully and surround yourself with what resonates with your true self!

With love,

Titti Bjernér